Columbo: The Jimmy Hoffa Connection by William Harrington

Joe's GoodReads Rating

This was not a very good book. If you know me well, you know that I love the old Columbo television series, almost as much as I like Star Wars. So, I was excited when I came across a series of Columbo novels. I thought this could be a new insight on the witty, lovable, inquisitive detective character. Nope.

First of all, Columbo stories usually start with us witnessing a murder and the motive behind it, and the rest of the story revolves around figuring out how Columbo will solve it. In this book, the murder is not feasible: two men stand on the sides of pool with knives preventing a woman from getting out of the pool, and she just drowns even though she is an excellent swimmer who can't float or tread water for five minutes to save her life. As for the motive, it isn't laid out at the beginning and, after finishing the book, I'm still a bit foggy as to the motive. I mean, the background that is explained may be a good reason to be mad at someone, but murder involving a number of people that don't trust each other? I don't know...

I could not get used to the way Columbo's dialogue was written. It was meant to be casual and endearing, but when I read it, I got a picture in my head of small town yokel, not the Columbo that I recognize. I'm not sure what the author was trying to do there.

My last point is the title: "The Hoffa Connection". You would think that this concept would be pivotal to the story line, Columbo and Jimmy Hoffa, it's in the title of the book. But, honestly, This book would be the same book if Jimmy Hoffa didn't exist. If there was no character based on Jimmy Hoffa, it would have changed nothing. It was totally superfluous.


Joe Enns

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