Sharp Objects - by Gillian Flynn

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”I didn’t mind the idea of spilling Wind Gap’s stories to Richard. I felt no particular allegiance to the town. This was the place my sister died, the place I started cutting myself. A town so suffocating and small, you tripped over people you hated every day. People who knew things about you. It’s the kind of place that leaves a mark.”

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn is a dramatic fictional novel that follows the protagonist, Camille Preaker, a newspaper journalist, as she reintroduces herself to the town of her tumultuous childhood to report on the murders of two young girls. American Civil War history, small-town politics, family dynamics, and psychological trauma are woven into a storyline that is unpredictable to the end.

I really enjoyed this novel. I normally don’t read many books in this genre, but I found the characters interesting and loved how the plot combines all the themes with fascinating symbolism. There were a number of sexually explicit scenes, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like that in books, you may want to consider that.

HBO aired a television series based on this novel which is how I found out about it. I binge-watched the series and was intrigued by the storyline and themes. Normally, I wouldn’t read a book after already watching the movie or television show, but this story was stuck in my head and I kept thinking that this show would probably be interesting as a book.

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