The Architects are Here - by Michael Winter

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"I told him about Wyoming and then how death came in waves. When we were eighteen some of us were killed. Then recently friends were being killed again, cancer, the army, accidents. It felt like if you could get through the eighteen-year barrier you'd be okay for another eighteen years. The assassins come to the door in eighteen-year cycles."

Unlike the times that I have been to Newfoundland, you can actually understand what people are saying to each other in this book. Whether it's having a time zone that is off by half an hour, or weather that never makes up its mind, there are many reasons that Newfoundland makes for an interesting backdrop. Though, I do understand why the characters in this book make a habit of consistently leaving the island.

The Architects are Here by Michael Winter is a memoir-like, fictional novel that follows three main characters (Gabe, David, and Nell) from the point of view of Gabe through the decades of their lives. The three characters are connected by places and their careers as they intertwine a host of other characters and family squabbles.

I gave this book 3 stars because, though I did connect a lot with the main character, and enjoyed the decriptions of sometimes mundane everyday life, I had a hard time getting interested in the plot. I often found the plot a bit unbelievable, although, a fictional novel full of someone's description of everyday life might not be more interesting.

I found that I identified in some way with all three main characters in this book. While that made me look forward to reading more about them, I found myself dissappointed when they made decisions contrary to what I would have done. But, I guess that's true of any story.

The plot ran out of steam about three quarters of the way through this book. I kept reading because I wanted to finish the book, but I found myself less interested towards the end. Not that I could predict what was going to happen, but I cared less and less what would happen to the characters near the end. It seemed like they already did the things that would be interesting and likely nothing else would top that.

I found this book randomly at the best used bookstore that I know of, The Book Shop in Penticton, BC. I needed some good Canadian literature, and this was perfect.

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